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Holistic Nutrition

Synergy Nutrition & Wellness
Tamera Edwards, HHP, NC
(860) 598-4325

Tamera Edwards is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant. She received an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Three Rivers Community College, where she took a nutrition course to fulfill the science requirement, and has been fascinated ever since by the role that food plays in our overall health and well-being.  She received nutrition training from the Global College of Natural Medicine, and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Tamera’s background as a private chef and former fast food enthusiast gives her a unique perspective. She believes that food should be enjoyable and delicious, and specializes in helping people transition naturally to a healthier diet, without the feeling of restriction or deprivation. Her goal is to empower you to achieve a vibrant state of good health, step by step, in practical ways, so that your results will not only be enjoyable but sustainable as well.

Rates & Plans:
All plans include an initial intake assessment form, to be completed by client at least one week prior to initial consultation.

Basic Service:
This is the minimum recommended service, and is suggested for those who are very self-motivated, have a working knowledge of natural foods and where to get them, and would like a holistic health kick start, an intro to superfoods and some menu planning guidance.
Initial Consult- 90 minutes
One follow up appointment- 60 minutes

Plan total: $170

Basic Plus:
Includes an additional follow up appointment, OR a grocery store/ health food store tour and consult (60 minutes)
Initial Consult- 90 minutes
Two follow up appointments- 60 minutes each

Plan total: $235

The Six Pack:
For those who would like to make gradual changes, and proceed at their own pace, while receiving ongoing encouragement and guidance. This is recommended for long term success, and includes email and phone support between sessions. This plan includes six total visits, one of can be substituted with a health food/grocery store tour (highly recommended!). Future visits may be scheduled at a reduced rate, after completing this plan.
Initial Consult- 90 minutes
Five follow up appointments*- 60 minutes each
*one of these to be at grocery store/health food store

Plan total: $390

Contact Tamera at (860) 598-4325 for details.